new faces at Essense: the UX’ers

29 Jun 2018

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You both studied Industrial Design Engineering (IO)… And then?

Floris: Before I started at Essense, I was busy finishing my master’s thesis. Because I was allowed to do my graduation assignment at design agency Fabrique, I was already quite familiar with the world of UX. As far as I’m concerned, that tasted like more, so when I got the chance at Essense to prove myself in practice within a service design agency, I didn’t hesitate.

Selmer: My trajectory looked somewhat similar. After my Bachelor’s degree in IO, I did the Master’s in Strategic Product Design. In that period I did an internship for half a year at a service design agency, where I was able to gain the necessary experience. My graduation assignment was for Ajax, where I built an app for the youngest fans – super cool! In the years that followed, I developed into an all-round UX designer, which made the step to Essense a logical one.

What does your role at Essense look like?

Selmer: Although I also have experience with service design, I currently mainly work as a UX designer. I also occasionally do some graphic design, although that is often just in between tasks. It’s useful that I’m versatile, but I want to focus mainly on UX in the near future.

Floris: So far I’ve mainly been working on UX / UI design for customers such as PostNL and NS, there is plenty to do within those accounts. But if there is some time left, I also like to spar with colleagues about strategic issues. It is a great challenge for me to apply my analytical way of thinking to practical problems and thus find the ideal design solution.

What do you like best about the job?

Floris: I like to get my teeth into complex problems. Then I won’t let go until everything is really perfectly resolved. I can make good use of that perfectionism during the design process, where I continue until my design is pixel perfect.

Selmer: What really appealed to me in advance was that Essense works for appealing customers. Working for names such as PostNL, Philips, Eneco and ING and surprising them with new insights, that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

What makes Essense unique? 

Selmer: For me it’s great that UX designers and service designers work so closely together here. Because I have experience and interest in both areas, I can fully indulge myself. The atmosphere within Essense is very good and I can fully enjoy my silly jokes.

Floris: The holistic character stands out for me. The fact that the connection between analysis and design is so close here was decisive for me. Strategy and implementation, that is a golden combination.

Curious about working at Essense? Then take a look at our career page

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