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cx strategy

Harald Lamberts


25 Aug 2023

4 min read

There are numerous tactics that might lead to CX improvement. However, the real impact only arises when an entire organization aligns towards a shared goal; taking control over the end-to-end customer experience. This synergy requires the integration of CXM (Customer Experience Management) as a core capability. In this blog series, we embark on a journey through the essential steps to organise and operationalise CX Management, starting with a CX strategy. 

operationalising customer experience

Through our experience working with many different organisations, we see that there are multiple layers when it comes to CX Management – the brand experience, service experience, channel experience and your supporting operations. To gain full control over your customer experience, it is essential that these layers are connected. But here’s the challenge: How can you successfully connect and balance these layers?

define your current position and ambition

CX management starts by assessing your current organizational stance towards CX and outlining your CX ambition. To do this, take stock of your present CX efforts within your organisation across the different departments, and across the different layers of the pyramid. Engage with the teams, delve into their activities, and evaluate their alignment with the six capabilities of CX on a brand, service, channel and operational level: 

  1. CX Strategy – Is there a comprehensive and operational CX strategy in place? 
  2. Culture – Is CX ingrained and lived out by your employees and management? 
  3. Customer Insight Management – Do you capture and leverage customer insights?
  4. Way of Working – (How) does your organization collaborate and coordinate efforts for CX enhancement? 
  5. CX Governance – How is CX managed and governed across different functions and teams? 
  6. CX Measurement – Are you effectively measuring, analyzing and adopting CX metrics in your decisionmaking?

These conversations shed light on gaps and opportunities, setting the stage for your road towards CX management. 

cx strategy

To determine your CX ambition, ask yourself what an exemplary customer experience looks like for your brand. In an ideal scenario, what does your customer encounter and experience when interacting with your organisation. 

defining your CX strategy

Having outlined your current CX landscape and north star, it’s time to chart your course towards this ambition. 

Envision a compelling future where your organization’s customer interactions embody your brand’s promise. Gather a dedicated core team and embark on a sprint-style collaborative effort. Define your brand’s essence, its promises to customers, and the distinctive experiences you aim to provide. This process culminates in a well-defined CX strategy that not only guides your next steps but also serves as the foundation for a strategic roadmap. 

Curious about how this approach manifested in real-world success?
Discover here how we accomplished this for Odido (T-Mobile Ondernemen). 

from CX strategy to action

With a clear CX ambition and strategy in place, you’re ready to translate your vision into actionable steps. 

CX Principles to empower your team 
Establish guiding principles that empowers your teams to make the strategy actionable. These principles serve as beacons, aligning efforts, and ensuring consistency throughout the organization. 

Journey Framework to orchestrate your journeys 
Effectively operationalizing your CX strategy necessitates a journey framework. This framework organizes your customer journeys around your CX strategy. By mapping out these journeys, you streamline efforts, fostering seamless interactions and experiences for your customers. 


With the groundwork laid, your organization is moving towards operationalizing a comprehensive CX strategy. By aligning the layers, defining your CX ambition, and creating an operational strategy, you’re well-equipped to shape remarkable customer experiences that stand out in the competitive landscape. 

In upcoming blogs, we’ll discuss the next possible steps on this CX transformation. Stay tuned as we explore another facet of building a customer-centric organization. If you have any questions please contact us or fill out the form below to keep updated with our upcoming blogs, webinars and events!

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