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customer experience operational

We are a customer experience design agency. We help our clients organise a customer-centric way of working, manage their customer journeys and design their customer experiences.

“A customer-centric way-of-working brings much more than satisfied customers. It also unites people within an organisation, drives efficiency in operations and increases employee engagement. Especially if we use it for a better world. Are you ready to play along?”

Harald Lamberts



Our team consists of empathic researchers, holistic service designers, creative UX designers en result-driven consultants. We are ready for you and your customers. And also for new Essensers, of course!

Amber Schothorst

Sr. service designer

Laura Arkesteijn

Service designer

Kate Backhouse

Lead client consultant

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We are always looking for young and experienced talent who want to contribute to our purpose around customer-centric working for a better world!

essence + sense = essense

Essense stands for the essence of a brand and the sense for customer needs. Uniting that brand promise and the customer need is what drives us. Because we believe that a customer-centric approach leads to commercial success and a better world.

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