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“A customer-centric way-of-working brings much more than satisfied customers. It also unites people within an organisation, drives efficiency in operations and increases employee engagement. Especially if we use it for a better world. Are you ready to play along?”

Harald Lamberts


what it’s like to work at Essense

I love the fact that we have an open culture were we can give and get support from others Mariana Barrientos

At Essense we celebrate our wins with the whole team by opening a bottle of Champagne Annika van Tent

What makes Essense unique is our professionalism, combined with how well we work together as a team Sam Hirsch

our core values


We love to explore, share and embrace. We are curious, open minded and lead with transparency. We appreciate receiving and sharing constructive feedback, while keeping a no-nonsense attitude. We respect each other, care for each other and do not exclude.


We strive for the optimal result. We’re always eager to grow and become better at what we do. We challenge and are sharp on details to get it right! We inspire to drive customer excellence and go the extra mile to get the best result, while striving for sustainable solutions.


We work better together. We work as a team to deliver the best output while enjoying what we are doing. We work in co-creation with our clients. We are keen on sharing ideas and best practices internally and externally. We are connectors.


Our team consists of empathic researchers, holistic service designers, creative UX designers en result-driven consultants. We are ready for you and your customers. And also for new Essensers, of course!

Nicolette Nijhuis

Lead data consultant

Evelien Habing

Sr. program manager

Charlaine Janssen

Service designer

join us

We are always looking for young and experienced talent who want to contribute to our purpose around customer-centric working for a better world!

essence + sense = essense

Essense stands for the essence of a brand and the sense for customer needs. Uniting that brand promise and the customer need is what drives us. Because we believe that a customer-centric approach leads to commercial success and a better world.

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