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13 Jul 2023

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We recently hosted a roundtable discussion on employee experience, where we invited guest speakers from Rabobank, IKEA, and Qualtrics. The purpose of the event was to learn from their experiences in various aspects of employee experience, including HR, DEX, and EX=CX. 

The representatives from Rabobank, IKEA, and Qualtrics shared their insights on topics such as the employee lifecycle, onboarding journey, digital user experience (UX), and workflow design for employees. They also discussed the importance of enabling employees to serve customers to the best of their abilities. 

why employee experience?

When talking about customer experience, we like to address the different flight levels that, when managed and measured well, lead to a great customer experience. On top is the brand experience, indicating customers’ overall perception, brand loyalty, and emotional connection. This perception is shaped throughout the service experience layer, where your customers engage with you in the end-to-end journey. Lastly, this journey is built up by multiple channel experiences, the means the customer uses to go through the end-to-end journey. All these levels are supported by your organisation’s operation. A crucial element of this operation is the employee experience. 

To practice what we preach when talking about customer experience, we mirror these levels to demonstrate the levels of employee experience. On the bottom there is the employer promise, consisting of culture, values, and the climate to strive to achieve for your employees. Above that is the employee journey. How do they experience onboarding and personal development for example? Lastly is the channel experience, what does your digital employee experience look like? What tools and software does your employee use, and how well does it enable them in doing their work?  

3 key take aways after the round table

  1. Treat your employees as you treat your customers. EX requires an end-to-end journey perspective, ongoing monitoring and agile way of working 
  2. Focus on employee workflow and needs when internal tools are selected if you want to impact digital employee experience (DEX) 
  3. Customer operations is where CX meets EX. Make sure you work on operational excellence from a customer journey perspective.  


The event proved to be a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge, as the speakers shed light on the challenges they encountered and provided valuable best practices. The discussions revolved around creating a positive and engaging employee experience that aligns with the overall customer experience. 

Overall, the roundtable served as an opportunity to gain valuable insights and foster collaboration among professionals from different organizations, all striving to enhance employee experience and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service. 

Questions about employee experience or want to learn more? Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Interested in future roundtable discussions? Leave your information down below, and we will keep you updated. 

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