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discover our academy

Train your teams to master the skills of customer-centric working. The Essense cx academy offers in-house training and coaching programs, to help teams across the board with customer-centric working. Check out our most popular trainings below, or view all of our trainings at the academy website.

our most popular trainings

We’re keen to discuss these with you to come to a tailored approach.

connecting journeys and operations with a service blueprint

How do you ensure that all parts of the organisation work together towards the same vision?

journey framework design

Learn to connect all of your journeys in a journey framework to manage the end-to-end customer experience

customer-centric prioritisation

Does everything get priority in your organisation? Or are priorities based on assumptions and gut feeling?

need based profiles

Do you want to better tailor your service or product to your customer needs? You will learn this in the training Customer Need-Based Profiles and also how to identify your customer.

customer centric innovation

Learn to innovate through a customer-centric proces, based on the principles of design thinking

journey mapping

Learn how to map your services and spot opportunities along the entire customer journey

experiment design

learn how to test your hypotheses in the market in order to stimulate short-cycle innovation

optimize your employee experience

Focus on an optimal work experience to allow employees to work together in a customer-centric way.

Noor Schopman

Head of client consulting

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