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For an organisation to deliver a great customer experience, alignment between departments along customer journeys is required. Our CX management does just that: implementing a customer centric way-of-working across marketing, digital and support teams.

We help you make this operational in co-creation with your teams, resulting in loyal customers, efficient operations and a customer-first culture.

how we work

Our CX management will enable you to manage customer experience at three levels: brand experience, service experience and channel experience. This enables all teams to focus on the level they can actually influence .

1. CX scan & ambition

Our approach starts with scan of your capabilities and way of working around customer insights, journeys, cx measurement and governance to make sure we set a realistic ambition.

Then we define that CX ambition based on your brand promise and strategic objectives. We seek executive support with a plan for making a customer-centric way of working operational across teams.

2. journey management

With a clear ambition in hand, we facilitate your teams to agree on the key customer journeys for your organisation and formalise this in a journey framework to ensure everyone’s efforts will add up, from marketing to operations teams. We then formalise these journeys in a journey management tool like TheyDo and formalise a standard way-of-working within these journeys.

3. governance & measurement

Once we all agree on the key customer journeys and how they’re connected, it is crucial to agree on the governance for how opportunities for improvement and prioritised into agile initiatives and how the impact on performance and customer experience of these initiatives will be measured. With governance and KPI’s defined, you’re ready for rollout!

4. phased rollout & coaching

With ambition, journeys and governance defined it is time for teams to start adopting the customer centric way of working in practice. We often advice to start small and facilitate pilot projects with coaching in co-creation with your teams. This to ensure proper onboarding and fast learning to go from customer insights to implemented solutions.

client case

CX management at T-Mobile

T-Mobile Ondernemen is one of the largest business telecom providers in the Netherlands. Their customers benefit from user-friendly and affordable top-quality services, and a world-class network. We had the chance to help T-Mobile implement CX management across the organisation.

the bottom line of a customer-centric organisation:

1.uniform way of working

A standard way of working across teams, enabling effective prioritisation based on ambition and strategy, aligning everyone.

2.customer-centric culture

A clear vision on the desired customer experience based on the brand promise. With tangible guidelines for all teams to use.

3.clear goals and KPIs

All responsibilities and objectives assigned. Tools for monitoring progress and central management of opportunities and initiatives.

Harald Lamberts

Harald Lamberts


how to implement CX management in your organisation?

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our building blocks

We’re keen to discuss these with you to come to a tailored approach.

CX strategy

CX ambition with tangible guidelines that contribute to strategy and brand promise.


Structured and uniform way-of-working for continuous improvement of customer journeys.


Agreed setup for organisation-wide roles and governance on progress and priorities.

CX measurement

Measurement framework based on the CX strategy, with relevant KPI’s to monitor progress towards targets.

customer insights

Central customer insight management and practical access for the organisation to leverage.

customer mindset

Our approach for building a customer-centric mindset from leadership to employees.

maturity scan

Assess the current state of the organisation as the starting point for developing customer excellence.

capability building

Tools, training and coaching to develop internal teams on customer-centric collaboration.