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Sander Kruitwagen

Sander Kruitwagen

Head of Operations

8 Jan 2021

3 min read

online meetings are the new reality

Now more than ever we can’t escape online meetings and luckily the option is there! Online meetings are not only good for mutual coordination. It also ensures that you stay connected to the business. Moreover, it gives you that what almost everyone misses so much while working from home, a bit of dynamic and interaction. Because for the single home workers among us, the only interaction is sometimes with the coffee machine. You regularly catch yourself muttering about work standing next to your coffee machine waiting for your cup. Or for parents working at home, a meeting is very welcome, depending on the time, to step out of the world of different octaves of children’s screams. You are happy to enter that online meeting!

Wouldn’t you rather step into an inspiring Miro environment while you’re at it? Which makes your creative heart beat faster. Where you see issues that you recognize from previous meetings and that need a final sprint. Curious, you scroll further through the board and even recognize your branding. You wait expectantly for your colleagues to arrive, but especially your manager who facilitates the meeting. This promises to be an interesting session and you will definitely ask your manager about a training on working in Miro.

the advantages of Miro

Miro, also known as ‘the Online Visual Collaboration Platform for Teamwork’, is ideally suited for online moments where everything revolves around collaboration. Miro offers you the same options as in a physical meeting or brainstorm. You can enter into the same collaboration as in a personal meeting and also prepare it in advance. At Essense Academy you can follow the Miro training: from beginner to expert. In 3.5 hours we will take you into the world of Miro so that from now on you also have the benefits of working with Miro:

  • Miro can be used for various purposes, from team meetings to inspiration sessions
  • Miro is also perfect for asynchronous collaboration, and more efficiency
  • Prepare workshops/sessions/meetings in advance
  • Boards can be shared with other teams (and are reusable)
  • Features such as a facilitator toolkit and guest editing
  • Would you like to show your emotion? That is also possible, thanks to the emoji plugin in Miro
  • Miro is suitable for methodologies such as design thinking, with various templates available
  • You make processes visual and you can do this together

It is not necessary to have a Miro license to follow this Miro training. From Essense Academy you will receive a link to Miro to participate in the training.

After following the Miro training at Essense Academy you have (even more) skills to do the above. In the Miro training: from beginner to expert you will master the basic techniques in 3.5 hours and how to actually prepare those online sessions. It’s that simple.


for whom is this Miro training useful?

Professionals who want to take their meeting to a higher level will benefit from this training. This means that both your time and that of your colleagues is used as effectively as possible. So if you are a team leader, feel welcome! But certainly also as a member of a team, so that you can participate in meetings even more effectively from now on.

Miroverse, the Community Template Gallery of Miro posts the best Miro boards for its community and interested parties. Essense’s Service Blueprint Template in Miro has been chosen as one of the best boards and is therefore in the Gallery.  

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Sander Kruitwagen

Sander Kruitwagen

Head of Operations

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