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Coöperatie VGZ implementation & training in TheyDo

VGZ is one of the largest health insurance companies in the Netherlands. As a not-for-profit cooperative with over 4 million members, they offer health insurance under nine different brand names (insurers), each of which has its own product range and focuses on specific target groups.

Managing this in times of staff shortages and rising costs is a great challenge. So they are changing their role, from an insurance organization to an organization which innovates together with healthcare providers to better care for patients at lower costs. And from only care and cure, to care and living healthier.

This requires a further transition from inside-out thinking and acting, to outside-in thinking and acting. Based on insights, data and customer feedback, and placing that in the context of customer journeys for continuous improvement.

“Essense provided us with hands-on training and coaching, and helped us bridge the gap between strategy and operations.”

Jelle Ganzeveld

Customer experience expert, Coöperatie VGZ

the challenge

designing a comprehensive training

VGZ already had considerable experience with journey mapping, and started using TheyDo to centrally manage their journeys across the entire organisation. Their first challenge was to translate their existing way of working into TheyDo. And secondly, to train employees to become super users that could educate others in using the tool.

Our challenge was to setup the VGZ journeys within TheyDo, using the life cycle model. Based on this setup we designed a group training, to train employees to become super users.

our approach

training super users

VGZ is an organization with complex journeys and multiple external stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, mental healthcare institutions and home-care organizations.

In co-creation with VGZ, we started by mapping their current way of working. We then implemented this into TheyDo so that the entire organisation would have one consistent way of working.

After the technical implementation, we designed a comprehensive training. Teaching users the fundamentals of customer-centric and journey-centric working, and how to translate these principles into TheyDo.

During the trainings, we spent a lot of time teaching how to deal with complex journeys, not just theoretically, but by making it operational. We used real VGZ cases, which allowed users to understand the information within their own context.


a self-sufficient team to train co-workers

In close collaboration with VGZ and TheyDo, we’ve implemented the VGZ way of working within TheyDo, and were able to train a group of super users that are now self-sufficient in educating their colleagues.

Noor Schopman

Noor Schopman

Head of Clients

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