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T-Mobile Ondernemen
Implementing CX management

T-Mobile Ondernemen is one of the largest business telecom providers in the Netherlands. Their customers benefit from user-friendly and affordable top-quality services, and a world-class network.  
As a commodity product, T-Mobile understands the value of customer-centricity to stay ahead of the competition. As part of their positioning strategy, they developed many initiatives within their teams to increase NPS and optimise the customer experience.

Their challenge was that every team had their own way of working, and only focused on optimising their part of the customer journey. This resulted in a fragmented customer experience. T-Mobile was looking for ways to manage the end-to-end experience, to make it consistent and distinctive.

“We have many CX initiatives spread throughout the organisation, an overview is not yet available.”

Sanneke Melker

Marketing Manager, T-Mobile Nederland

the challenge

implementing CX management

To make the existing initiatives add up to one consistent experience, our first challenge was to define a clear CX ambition and strategy. We wanted to align the entire organisation around a shared goal. Secondly, we wanted to make the end-to-end experience manageable. Our challenge was to implement a clear government structure, measurement framework and a uniform way of working across all teams.

our approach

from ambition to implementation

We started the process by analyzing the current competencies, initiatives, and ways of working within the organisation. In co-creation with all important stakeholders, we then formulated a clear CX ambition and strategy that aligned with the customers expectations.

To work towards this shared goal, we defined a uniform way of working to implement across all teams. In co-creation with T-Mobile, we’ve setup a governance structure with clear responsibilities and KPI’s to manage the end-to-end experience.

Having a clear ambition and management structure is essential, but to make this come to life within the organisation can be complex. To do this we’ve organised many interactive work sessions with multidisciplinary teams. In the first sessions, we connected all existing journeys into one cohesive framework. With this framework in place, every team now understands how their individual work contributes to the end-to-end customer experience. In the following sessions we’ve trained teams to improve their journeys.

These sessions allowed us to create support, and implement the new way of working. Making it easier to prioritize opportunities and journeys customer-centric.

T-Mobile Ondernemen
CX ambition defined in co-creation with client team, based on brand promise and translated to tangible principles per department.


consistent CX and a higher NPS

Together with T-Mobile Ondernemen, we have formulated a CX ambition, a clear strategy and implemented a uniform way of working across all teams. Both management, and employees are now fully aware of the desired customer experience, and have the tools and responsibilities to contribute to this in their daily work. 

The project resulted in a more consistent end-to-end customer experience, a higher NPS, and a customer-oriented culture. Many employees became CX ambassadors that are now spreading the word within the organisation.

Noor Schopman

Noor Schopman

Head of Clients

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