round table: data driven CX & Service design

20 Nov 2019

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a common CX goal

Together with Underlined, we organized a round table session on data-driven CX and service design in September 2019. It was a lively session with discussion partners from ABN AMRO Bank, ABN AMRO Insurance, ASR ,, De Efteling, Nationale Nederlanden, Nuon, Schiphol, TUI, VGZ, and de Volksbank. At first glance, perhaps completely different companies with different challenges, interests and backgrounds, but all with the same goal: putting the customer first and getting (more) return from CX initiatives.

Ronde tafel: data driven CX & service design

Deelnemende bedrijven delen hun kennis, uitdagingen en succes verhalen met elkaar.

all cards on the table

The power of the round table session obviously lies in the openness of the discussion partners. The more everyone shares, the more interesting and relevant the discussion is. This session focused on how data-driven CX and service design reinforce each other, how to motivate the organization, how to get CX on the management agenda, how to steer and prioritize and how to retain energy within teams. Insights and ideas were shared openly in order to learn from and help each other. It was strong that not only jubilant stories and successes were shared, but also setbacks and matters that still need to be improved.

Data driven UX

Het samenspel van data gedreven CX voor het identificeren van kansen, met Insight-gedreven service design voor het itereren van oplossingen.

Key insights

Speaking with peers about successfully implementing CX (and that it’s really about a full strategy and transformation program) is very enlightening. Key insights from the session are:

  1. How valuable it is to share experiences in a safe environment with peers.
  2. That data science is effective in identifying opportunities and that service design is suitable for iteratively and customer-oriented development of the right solution for this.
  3. That although some companies are more advanced in certain areas, no one is already fully in control of CX on all fronts.
  4. If you really want to achieve CX success, then as a CX professional you cannot do it alone. You are responsible for:
    • Managing buy-in
    • Steering & effectiveness of CX KPI’s
    • Linking customer value to business value
    • Maximizing value from data and UX Design
    • Culture and enthusiasm
Harald Lamberts - Data Driven UX

Oprichter Harald over de meerwaarde van Service Design in de context van een datagedreven CX aanpak.

Would you like to know more about the insights above or would you like to meet with us and colleagues to exchange ideas about customer experience? Get in touch!

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