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What would make your daily life easier? Or, how can you run your business smarter? Help comes from an unexpected source, from Wereldhave. Yes, the commercial real estate company. With a sharp vision on customer experience and intelligent implementation, Wereldhave gives shoppers an excuse for visiting and entrepreneurs a motive to rent. Customer-centric and super relevant.

the challenge

Broad view, wide scope

Being and staying relevant as a real estate company is very difficult. Renting out spaces is pretty straightforward and transactional. So how do you ensure that you are more than a landlord, for shoppers, entrepreneurs, and employees – in all shopping centers and offices. Essense and Wereldhave set out to investigate, with a broad view and a wide scope, and we discovered how Wereldhave could make themselves indispensable to everyone.

our approach

close to the customer

We spoke with local entrepreneurs and national retail chains about entrepreneurship, renting, business growth, and more. These talks helped us create need clusters that sketch the needs and context of the tenants. Those insights were already at hand for the shoppers, so we put them to good use in our research.

We brought the studies, need clusters, Wereldhave’s DNA, strategy, and market developments together in working sessions. We validated our findings with the experts who work close to the customer, often in the shopping centers themselves. Step by step, session by session, the CX principles emerged: the common thread that explains the ambition for a customer-centric way of working to the entire organisation. And of course, we also made a service blueprint for mapping the current internal customer process, and we drew up the optimal future customer journey – we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have it any other way.

“It’s incredible to see how after one year, we really understand our customers and take them as a starting point for our choices and proposition development.”

Katja Stello

Head of Marketing & Customer Experiences at Wereldhave

the outcomes

a matter of principle

The brainwork is done. Wereldhave knows better than anyone that you can offer more value to every visitor, tenant, and employee by taking a broader view. So now, let’s make it happen. We’re making the CX principles measurable to assess existing initiatives and to develop and validate new services and propositions. We’re in it together – with experts and the customers. That’s the only way to have the ambition come to life and get it operationalised.

Noor Schopman

Noor Schopman

Lead CX Consultant

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