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What does your customer really need? Once you know that, you replace assumptions with insights and a validated value proposition. That will give you all the confidence to design the services your customers actually want. We help you achieve exactly that.

From there, we help you take control of your customer journeys and monitor the insights and data. This way, you can start a continuous process of researching, streamlining, and improving based on customer needs and business value.

our building blocks

We’re keen to discuss these with you to come to a tailored approach.

customer research

Need-based customer profiles provide actionable insights on customer expectations.

journey mapping

Qualitative customer research provides insights mapped along the customer journey.

priority scorecard

Opportunities identified from insights are prioritised based on customer, business, society value.

value proposition

Define and validate your proposition or customer promise based on customer insights.

service blueprint

Link customer journeys with internal processes in order to streamline your operations.

journey framework

A defined structure for how your customer journeys are connected to ensure all teams are aligned.

journey tooling

A central repository to manage your challenges, opportunities and initiatives across journeys.

future vision

Formulate your future service offering based on insights and trends, using scenario planning.

Jelmer Kok

Service Design Consultant

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the bottom line of service innovation:

1.understand your customer

Customer insights from research and data mapped in the context of the customer journey, to identify opportunities for improvement.

2.get your priorities straight

Prioritising improvement opportunities based on customer- and business value enables you to define your roadmap objectively.

3.validated solutions

The quality of implementation determines your success. Validating solutions with customers is crucial for achieving impact.