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Omnichannel design

icon Are your channel teams all driving their own agenda?

Are your channel teams all driving their own agenda?

Creating exceptional service experiences requires alignment. We create a service blueprint with your teams to align implementation plans and collaborate with these teams to design the service experience across channels from a journey perspective.

Let’s align your agile teams.

Align Omnichannel Teams

Service Blueprint Channel Strategy Experience flows

To ensure the identified opportunities and customer scenarios are feasible with a positive ROI, we work with your team to create a service blueprint  to discover dependencies, overlap, and enablers between channels and teams. This ensures buy-in and helps align omni-channel teams towards a feasible shared goal.

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Service blueprint: linking proces to experience
image Align Omnichannel Teams

Construct Design System

Design System UI Patterns Design Principles

To ensure consistency across all your channels, we create a design system. This is best described as a set of principles, guidelines, design templates and UI components. It ensures a shared understanding of experience patterns and enables you to design across channels and propositions  in a harmonised and agile way.


Design language system - Philips Design
image Construct Design System
Client case

Service blueprint for Education at Zuyd University

image Mare de Groot<br />
Dean - Zuyd University, Heerlen
Mare de Groot
Dean - Zuyd University, Heerlen

“The Service Blueprint has been applicable in many of our running projects and helped us to do more than just solving a problem; it initiated a mindset change: from process- to customer-centric thinking. The methods Essense brought in as well as thinking along with us was indispensable. I fully recommend them for customer-centric transformation and innovation for your organisation.”

image Service blueprint for Education at Zuyd University

Experiment in-market

Experiment Design A/B Testing Prototyping

Learn fast and fail early by designing experiments (with the help of your design system) across channels and teams. We run experiments in-market with real customers to validate whether they improve customer experience.

Order confirmation redesign - Ahrend
image Experiment in-market

Implement UX design

Design Sprints Agile UX design Test & Learn

Validated insights must be incorporated into current channels through UX design iterations in agile teams. While experiments may be self-contained at first, once validated, it’s time to incorporate them into existing services while aligning with other digital and non-digital channels from an end-to-end journey perspective.

Omni-channel design - PostNL
image Implement UX design

Measure Impact

CX Measurement KPI Framework Impact Assessment

After solutions are rolled-out and implemented in existing service offerings, we closely monitor CX impact that inform next iterations.

Digital experiment analytics - Philips OneBlade
image Measure Impact

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