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Journey Roadmap

icon Tired of prioritising initiatives based on gut feeling?

Tired of prioritising initiatives based on gut feeling?

Designing customer-centric services starts with a holistic understanding of customer needs. To achieve this, we engage with your customers to profile their needs, map these on a customer journey, co-create solutions with your stakeholders to deliver a prioritised journey roadmap.

Let’s drive customer focus!

Know your customer

In-depth Interviews Customer need profiles Service Safari

Evolving your service offering has to start with a deep understanding of your customers. We use remote qualitative research techniques such as in-depth customer interviews to profile their functional needs & channel preferences. This creates the foundation for designing your service offering.

Check here to see how we currently perform customer research remotely

Customer Need Profiles - Brussels Airport
image Know your customer

Map the customer journey

Customer journey Pain points & Opportunities Stakeholder collaboration

Knowing your customer needs is great, understanding them in context is way better. To provide this holistic understanding, we plot the identified customer needs, along with data that you may already have, in an omnichannel customer journey map to provide a full overview in relation to your service offering.

image Map the customer journey

Moving journey for KPN

image Erik Vercouteren<br />
EVP Customer Experience, KPN
Erik Vercouteren
EVP Customer Experience, KPN

“Not only did Essense help us with customer journey analysis. They also helped us increase our business impact by involving stakeholders across disciplines to define a tangible roadmap, with clear ownership in the business, implementation and roll-out teams.”

View KPN case

image Moving journey for KPN

Make insights actionable

Opportunity map Solution ideation Value proposition design

Based on the customer journey map, we identify optimisations and innovation opportunities. This requires co-creation with your domain experts. That’s why we involve the relevant stakeholders from different disciplines or departments to turn insights into actionable opportunities for existing and new propositions.

Read more about going from insight to implementation in this blog

Defining agile user stories - Randstad Global
image Make insights actionable

Prioritise service improvements

KPI targets Business value Prioritised Epics

To drive implementation, opportunities need to be clearly prioritised based on estimated customer and business value. It’s a team effort to define the resulting customer scenarios (epics and stories), and relate those to your KPIs. This ensures team-wide focus on, and co-ownership of the roadmap.


image Prioritise service improvements

Define journey roadmap

Service roadmap Service blueprint CX design principles

The agile initiatives and epics are plotted on a service roadmap, with related owner, effort and impact. Making the roadmap ready to brief omnichannel execution teams.

image Define journey roadmap

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