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Employee engagement

icon Are your employees enabled to deliver the desired CX?

Are your employees enabled to deliver the desired CX?

Engaged employees with a customer-centric mindset, tools and capabilities will go the extra mile for your customers. We can assess the current employee experience and help improve engagement through capability building and designing the optimal employee journey.

Let’s empower your employees!

Define CX Values and principles

CX Principles CX Values Employee experience

Employee engagement starts with being passionate about your company’s purpose and customers. Enable employees to contribute to a coherent customer experience in their day-to-day work by translating the CX vision into actionable guidelines. We help you define your CX principles and CX values and train employees on how to apply them.

HR strategy mapping for Eneco
image Define CX Values and principles

Establish way of working

Way of Working Cross-department collaboration Agile leadership

Facilitate your employees in customer centric collaboration across departments by providing autonomy and direction. Together we create a way of working in which roles, responsibilities and decision making processes are clear and your leadership supports employees towards bringing the CX vision to life.

Customer-centric working toolkit for KPN
image Establish way of working

Employee Experience at Rabobank

image Head of Employability <br />
Head of Employability

“The experience map provided us with an overview of employee insights that enabled us to collaborate between departments.
Essense then facilitated the prioritisation and implementation by involving relevant stakeholders to deliver improvements in the End-to-End employee journey.”

image Employee Experience at Rabobank

Build capabilities & mindset

Capability Roadmap CX Maturity Modelling

Often, delivering on your CX vision will require building new capabilities in certain areas. We work with you to define which capabilities are needed to work towards the CX vision, assess the current level of those capabilities within teams and define a growth path on both a team and an individual level.

Employee needs for agile collaboration at Schiphol
image Build capabilities & mindset

Adapt Employee Experience

Employee Journey Mapping Capability mapping Programme management

Customer experience excellence doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Enhance your employee experience by connecting to the CX values in all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to personal development to the exit stage, setting the right conditions for great CX from the inside-out. 

Employee experience profiling at Rabobank
image Adapt Employee Experience

Enable Employees

Insights Framework Knowledge Management Customer centric learning

Do your processes and tooling help your employees to deliver on your CX vision? Are your processes designed around your employees or the other way around? We help you to assess the current status of your processes and tooling. Together we translate your designed customer experience into customer centric processes and tooling.

Blueprint for employee collaboration at Zuyd university
image Enable Employees

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