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CX Orchestration

icon Want to ensure all initiatives contribute to the same goal? <br />

Want to ensure all initiatives contribute to the same goal?

Company-wide collaboration on customer experience requires a framework for customer profiling, journeys, KPI measurements and prioritisation of efforts. We can perform a maturity audit, create a CX impact dashboard and set up a governance structure.

Let’s regain control over initiatives.

Strategise CX Vision

CX Vision CX Strategy CX Design principles

A CX vision and strategy gives direction and practical guidelines towards a consistent and branded customer experience. We help you to articulate a clear vision of your CX ambition which contributes to the company strategy and aligns with brand values.

CX Principles framework @ ING
image Strategise CX Vision

Assess CX maturity

CX Maturity Assessment CX Capability Assessment CX Roadmap

In order to help your organisation grow, you first need an understanding of where you are. We assess your organisation’s CX maturity and provide a structured roadmap towards customer experience excellence. 

image Assess CX maturity

Centralising CX Orchestration at Schiphol

image Berend-Jan Rietveld<br />
Passenger Experience, Schiphol Airport
Berend-Jan Rietveld
Passenger Experience, Schiphol Airport

“We had the ambition to shift Passenger Experience from siloed departmental activities to an omni-channel priority with a central governance structure. Essense has been instrumental in supporting our team in this transformation by establishing a passenger journey framework, standardising PX measurement and building a dynamic PX dashboard.”

View Schiphol Case

image Centralising CX Orchestration at Schiphol

Construct journey framework

Channel Alignment CX Macro Journey Touchpoint Framework

Consistency is key when it comes to customer experience. Together we identify your key journeys and design the experience on micro and macro level; from brand experience to transaction or touch point experiences. This allows us to set up a structure: a journey framework.

Journey framework concept
image Construct journey framework

Measure CX performance

KPI Definition Measurement Framework CX Dashboard

It’s a joint effort to translate your CX vision into the KPIs by which your organisation measures their CX performance. Although these KPIs will differ on brand, journey or touchpoint level, they will have a strong correlation. Based on your organisation’s current CX maturity level we will work with you to set goals for these KPIs and develop a reporting structure to drive progress on CX perfomance in all levels in your organisation.

Real-time Journey dashboard @ Schiphol
image Measure CX performance

Establish omnichannel governance

CX Governance Customer Centric decision making CX Organisation

To build a strong customer experience, your organizational and decision making structures must align. We help define and organize governance and CX orchestration to support customer centric collaboration across your organization.

Journey insight, design and measurement @ PostNL
image Establish omnichannel governance

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