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Harald Lamberts

Harald Lamberts


“It’s actually quite simple: a customer-centric approach leads to more customers, efficient operations, and committed employees.”

Yet, making it happen seems more complicated than ever. This is why Essense makes customer-centric collaboration understandable and practical, for everyone. Customer excellence becomes achievable for every colleague and available for every customer. Our experts help embed customer-centric working in everything you do.

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We strive for customer excellence on three levels:

organise customer centricity

A customer-centric organisation starts with a clear ambition: ‘How do you deliver on your brand promise with every customer interaction’? We’ll work with you to define that customer promise along with a customer-centric way of working. Identifying the key customer journeys that contribute to your business strategy, supported by the board and all teams. This way, everyone has a clear role, and steers on the same KPIs.

manage customer journeys

How do you ‘create’ increasingly loyal customers? By taking control of your proposition from a customer journey perspective, and continuously monitor progress across channels. Doing so, you gain clear customer insights for identifying opportunities for improvement. By scoring these on business and customer value, we help you determine priorities for implementing impactful innovations across all channels and operations.

design customer experiences

Real customer interactions are the only proof of your customer experience ambition in practice. By taking the customer journey as the starting point for design decisions, you ensure that all customer interactions reinforce each other. We create a design system for designing consistent, simple, and meaningful customer experiences. Across all channels along the customer journey.

Harald Lamberts

Harald Lamberts


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“Great to see how we understand customer needs very well now, and more importantly, use that as a starting point for our strategy and proposition development.”

Katja Stello