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Remote CX

We can help your customer-centric efforts progress

remote CX collaboration

In the current crisis without physical meetings, we can provide the right remote tools, methods and skills to continue effective customer-centric collaboration in your organisation.

remote customer research
via video-call interviewing, online diary studies

collaboration between disciplines
to plot customer insights in a journey and identify jobs to be done

facilitation of working sessions
with online collaborative tools, templates and exercises

Remote customer research

To gain a deep understanding of your customer we conduct qualitative interviews remotely, using different interview techniques we identify explicit and latent customer needs.

Video-call interviews
for engagement, verbal and non-verbal communication

Interactive whiteboards (Miro)
for concept validation and visual context

image Remote customer research

collaboration between disciplines

Our remote service design approach uses simple but proven tools for collaborating with your multi-disciplinairy teams to build a customer-centric overview and identify jobs to be done.

Online Journey collaboration (Miro)
for plotting insights, data and learnings on the customer journey

image collaboration between disciplines

facilitation of working sessions

We are front-runners in using online tools for remote customer-centric collaboration. Our facilitators use canvas templates and exercises for decisioning and roadmap prioritisation.

Remote prioritisation workshops
for choosing the impactful quick wins and innovation opportunities

Virtual scoping sessions / design sprints
for framing the challenge with stakeholders and get to actionable solutions quickly

image facilitation of working sessions
image Fenna van Raaij

Fenna van Raaij

Client Operations

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