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Assessment and co-creation of the

Employee Experience


Gain insights for the employee on-boarding experience at Rabobank in order for HR to optimally support role transitions within the company globally, starting in The Netherlands.

Client Quote


image Head of Employability Rabobank
Head of Employability Rabobank

“The experience map provided us with an overview of employee insights that enabled us to collaborate between departments.
Essense then facilitated the prioritisation and implementation by involving relevant stakeholders to deliver improvements in the End-to-End employee journey.”


Understanding onboarding

The employee on-boarding journey map and need-based profiles show the insights from remote interviews with new employees and managers across Rabobank departments. The quote cards illustrate situations in the recruitment and on-boarding experience.

image Understanding onboarding

Stakeholder Co-creation

Priortisation and co-creation with stakeholders based on employee- and business value resulted in actionable opportunities for the employee on-boarding journey process.

image Stakeholder Co-creation

Experiment design matrix

Through experiment design, ideas were translated into hypotheses and then balanced on the level of impact vs. (un)certainty to create a prioritised action plan.

image Experiment design matrix

Empower teams to experiment

Rabobank teams then designed concepts for specific employee profiles to validate improvements for the onboarding experience early in the process.

image Empower teams to experiment

Facilitate horizontal collaboration

This project was just the ground work. Now, improvements in the end-to-end onboarding journey will be ensured by collaboration between departments using an employee-centric approach in sprints with an iterative way of working.

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